We are screwed

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Apparently friendlies are ‘just’ friendlies when you lose but the same people seem to be sabre rattling when we win.

So, we lost 3-1 to Fulham and people are clutching at straws to explain away the result and go to great lengths to explain why it doesn’t matter.

Things like ‘they are 1 week further ahead than we are’ or ‘we’re tired from the America trip’ to ‘we’re missing players’ and so on. Yes, we will be getting 4 more players on back on Monday, the 2 Wales players and the 2 France players. I’m not entirely sure why Jonny Williams came back earlier but I guess if I were him I probably would be too.

Once those players are back and up to speed we will be stronger, but they are 4 weeks behind the rest in terms of fitness so expect them not to feature until the end of August at the earliest.

However, that isn’t the biggest worry. The striker issue is the biggest worry! When are we going to learn that we should only sell players after we’ve bought in a replacement?

Maybe Newcastle gave us an ultimatum, sell Gayle now or they’ll go after someone else. So-fucking-what? We’re in a league with some big boys and in the grand scheme of things so what if we sold Gayle later at for £1m less? I, like many of you, would have been happy had he stayed.

And if, as seems plausible, we don’t land a big money striker, whose fault will this cock up be? Is it the board’s? Is it Pardew’s?

As it stands today we have a net spend in this transfer window of £13m, which for a Premier League team is peanuts. If Benteke wants to come to Palace and the sticking point is the £2-4m difference in valuation we should swallow it and pay.

We were stupid enough to sell Gayle before we bought someone in so we only have ourselves for being in this position.

We need to learn, we are not a team (yet) that will be top player’s first choice. Benteke and Berahino might be hoping a bigger club will come in for them, I’ve no doubt foreign players will think the same.

What did the club do last year to think a top striker would choose to join us before a over team? We might think we are a bigger club than Stoke or West Ham but is that what players who have no affinity to Palace think? After all, we are not more established than those teams and they have bigger grounds to pay more wages.

Clearly, Townsend wanted to come back to London and play in the Premier League so he jumped at the chance when we came knocking. Benteke? Should he take a pay cut to play for us? Maybe Arsenal will come calling? Maybe Everton? In any case, he can wait.

Berahino has already stated he is willing to let the last year of his contract run down so he can leave West Brom for free. West Brom will want to sell though they seem to be holding out for £20m, which is bloody stupid when you think they could end up with fuck all in 10 months time!

Isn’t it also funny that everyone’s mood during the first week of the transfer window is very different to their mood now, just short of 4 weeks later.

I doubt it is the fault of the manager, he doesn’t set the limits of what we are willing to pay and I don’t blame Steve Parish for not wanting to pay over the odds and risk our stability.

But the question remains, with a capacity of just under 27,000, can we afford to take the club to the next level before we have expanded Selhurst Park or moved to a new ground?

What do you think? Am I right or am I just being a twat?

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