Are we really in our most successful period?


I grow tired of people trying to brain wash me in to believing that this is the most successful period in Crystal Palace’s history. It just simply isn’t true!

Contrary to popular opinion, football existed before 1992. It existed a bloody long time before the Premier League sprang forth in August 1992!

To many, the fact that Liverpool have never won the Premier League means that Liverpool have never won ‘the league’ when in fact they are the second most successful team in league history winning 18 titles to Manchester United’s 20.

In fact it is funny to think that when the Premier League started Manchester United ‘only’ had 7 league titles to Liverpool’s 18. I blame us for Alex Ferguson keeping his job and everything that followed the 1990 cup final.

With the fact that football has been around for more than 25 years, why is this current period considered to be the most successful in Crystal Palace’s history?

In my opinion, and in the opinion of any sane minded Crystal Palace fan, the most successful period in our clubs history is between 1989-1993 when we competed in the top division for 4 years. We competed for 3 years in the old First Division and for 1 year in the new Premier League.

What is currently being repeated is that we have been in the Premier League for 3 years, something we have not done before. But, as I said, football didn’t begin in 1992!

With this in mind, let’s compare the first 3 years of the period from 1989-1993, to use the 4th year would be unfair because we have not completed the current season, the 4th one.

Here’s an overview:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
1989-93 15th 3rd 10th 20th FA Cup runners up (replay)
Full Members Cup winners (ET)
2013-16 11th 10th 15th FA Cup runners up (ET)

Taking our league positions into account, have we finished 3rd recently? Thought not!

Total stats:

Average position Total points Total goals scored Total goals against
1989-93 10th (9.33th) 174 145 168
2013-16 12th 135 119 160

So, as you can see, in 1989-1993 we won a total of 174 points, scoring 145 goals and conceding 168 goals. We got to the FA Cup Final, losing to Manchester United in a replay.

In addition we won the Full Member’s Cup against Everton. You can scoff if you like but it was a recognised cup competition and a Wembley final! If you would prefer to discount the Full Member’s you may do so, it only adds garish to the meat of my point.

In 2013-16 we finished 11th, 10th and 15th, scoring a total of 135 points, scoring 119 goals and conceding 160 goals. We got to the FA Cup Final, losing to Manchester United in extra time.

If we average out our league positions for the first 3 seasons of the 1989-94 period it would be 9.33, so we’ll say 10th to be generous. Our current average position would be 12th.

Anything else I want to add? Sure, in 1989-93 we had the likes of Wright, Bright, Gray, Salako, Shaw, McGoldrick, Thorn, etc.

Who do we have today who is on a par with them?

In conclusion I stress again that this is NOT the most successful period of our history and I appeal to everyone to stop repeating it. Just because the board say it, it doesn’t mean it is true!

Do you disagree and think I’m wrong? Let me know in the comment below!

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