Bolasie, my final comments


There has been a lot written over the past few days regarding Yannick Bolasie’s transfer from Crystal Palace to Everton for a fee of £25m raising to £30m.

From what I have seen, in the lead up to the transfer it was a 50-50 split as to whether the transfer would take place with people refusing to believe the player wanted to leave.

They, for reasons best known to themselves, thought it was the club accepting a bid to cash in on the player and they thought the player would opt to stay with Palace.

In reality, little did they know, they refused to believe that the player already had his heart set upon leaving the club. They kept saying that no transfer request has been submitted so it must be the club’s will not the player’s.

Do players really need to submit formal transfer requests these days? And if so, how are we to know if they have or not?

In the run up to the game against West Brom I said Bolasie would not start because it would be stupid to risk the player getting an injury and scuppering the transfer. Sure enough, the player was named on the bench.

I’d stated that while Bolaise was a Palace player I would support him and when he was introduced into the game in the second half it was nice that he got a standing ovation.

A few people have since said they believe the ovation was in response to Lee’s performance who made way for Bolasie but, I don’t think this to be the case.

So, Bolasie came on and did very little. He seemed to not want to over exert himself. To sum up what he did in his 20 or so minutes, he got booked, went over far too easily in the box and flicked a ball over a defender’s head which was cleared easily.

Bolasie seemed to not really want to be there much like a week earlier when he played at Selhurst Park verses Valencia.

When the final whistle blew two things of note happened. The first, Yannick Bolasie simply walked straight off the pitch. He didn’t look back, didn’t acknowledge the crowed and didn’t wave goodbye.

The other was that Mile Jedinak who is expected to leave Palace today went to all 4 sides of Selhurst Park to clap them, say goodbye and then threw his shirt into the Holmesdale Fanatics side of the Holmesdale Stand.

This is the difference between a leader and an egotistical twat!

Then came Monday when the deal was completed. Bolasie pleaded his case that it wasn’t about the money. Of course not, mate.

Bolasie forced a move to Everton because in his contract there was an annual renegotiation clause and this summer he had asked to be made their highest-paid forward at the club, with a clause ensuring he retained that status in the event we signed a higher earner.

Bolasie and his agent knew the club would not accept this so when the Eagles refused, Bolasie’s camp – assisted by “a number of agents claiming to work on the player’s behalf” – went off to find a buyer. Ending up at Everton.

Bolaise made two other comments which I think was designed to be a dig at Crystal Palace when he said that Everton were a big club, which is debatable depending on what we are using as a comparison.

But the one that really got to me was when he said Everton were an ambitious club. In the words of the Virgin Mary, come again?

Yes, Everton are ambitious but so are Crystal Palace. You don’t go after a player like Christian Benteke for £32m without a certain level of ambition.

Let’s make this clear. He did say Everton are a more ambitious club, he simply said they were ambitious.

That has to be a dig at either the chairman, the manager or both!

So, why are we not ambitious? For not paying Bolasie over the top wages when he does not deserve it? Every player should ONLY be paid what they are worth but some players think they have a higher value than they really do.

Bolasie has no end product to his game, his stats bail this out. He has been described as a YouTube reel ball juggler, something I think is a little harsh but I can see their point.

I definitely do not think he was worth the contract he demanded or the £25-£30m transfer fee. Maybe when he learns to cross a ball or score a goal he will be.

The way he leaves Crystal Palace has left a sour taste in my mouth and I now think of him in the same light as John Bostock, Ian Wright and Tony Pulis.

For Yannick Bolasie to do this to the club and the fans who ‘adored’ him just 2 weeks before the season began, throwing out preparations into chaos, earns him the Tony Pulis award for loyalty.

For me, he is a money grabbing git whose actions has spoilt the good memories we had of him with the club. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolasie scores against us and he kisses the Everton badge.

Goodbye and good riddance!

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