The Force is with you Yannick, but you are not Jedi!

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When the dust settles on Yannick Bolasie’s £25m transfer to Everton, I think everyone will agree it was the right move for all concerned.

I have never seen opinion so split so heavily in favour of a ‘star’ player leaving as I have in the case of Yannick Bolasie. Usually, the fans would favour keeping a favourite rather than cashing him in.

I’ve seen 6 or 7 online polls, be it on Twitter, Facebook or the Croydon Advertiser and to average them out it would show about 70% think it is good business to sell Bolasie and 30% think it is a terrible decision.

So where are the 70% hiding?

Like with Brexit, immigration or any other contentious issue it seems one group, the larger of the two, is being hounded by a smaller group who are angrier and have bigger mouths. They are not only angry but they are correct in their beliefs and the rest of us don’t know what we are talking about. Sound familiar?

The people who argue in favour of not selling Bolasie argue that on his day, Bolasie is “unplayable”, which is partly true. The trouble is he is unplayable everywhere except the 18 yard box which seems to be his Kryptonite.

The fact is Bolasie has almost everything a wide man should have. He has strength, pace, tricks and arrogance but the one thing he lacks is the most important thing of them all… An end product!

I am not sure what is worse, an inability to score goals from his plentiful opportunities he makes for himself or his inability to put a cross into the box that anyone can get on the end of. They are either shot like a bullet at waist height or up in the flight path for Heathrow. There’s no middle ground for him.

Don’t get me wrong, Wilf isn’t any better. With both of them it is a case of get to the byline and put the ball into the area and see if I can take a few people out in the process.

I’m not slagging the guy off, I like him. I like him as a player and as a person but I like a lot of players, that doesn’t mean they are good players. It doesn’t mean they should play. And it doesn’t mean we should keep them.

Sentiment should not play a part in the modern game because, let’s be frank here, Bolasie doesn’t give two shits about us, does he? If he did he wouldn’t want to go to Everton because, history aside, they are not much of a bigger club than us and their future isn’t more rosy either!

But Bolasie isn’t a Palace man. He didn’t grow up in south London, he didn’t support us as a kid and he has no real loyalty to us. So why should he stay? Why shouldn’t he go to Everton where he has a massive chance the same chance as us of winning trophies?

We, the silent 70% who think we should take the money point to Bolasie’s stats to show he isn’t the player his reputation and ego makes him out to be.

Take a look:

Yannick Bolasie: 9 goals & 13 assists in 3 seasons.
Jon Walters: 18 goals & 9 assists in last 3 seasons.
Riyad Mahrez: 17 goals & 11 assists last season alone.

Yeah, we all know stats can show us whatever we want them to show. The 30% will tell you that Bolasie causes chaos and enables other players space to assist or score goals. So does Fraizer Campbell!

So, what the 30% are saying is just go out and find someone with a lot of pace who can do a few tricks and there you have a £30m footballer? Is it really that simple? Of course not.

Some players are superb athletes but don’t have a football brain… Theo Walcott springs to mind, so is he worth £30m? No, of course not and if it were not for the fact he chose DR Congo as his national team he wouldn’t get anywhere near the team where he was born, France nor the England team.

The fact is, Bolasie thinks he is bigger than Crystal Palace. Fine. He thinks he should be on a top contract but his performances don’t back this up.

Want some more stats? Here you go, here’s his career stats to date:

2006–2007 Hillingdon Borough 5 (0)
2007–2008 Floriana 24 (4)
2008–2011 Plymouth Argyle 51 (8)
2009–2010 Barnet (loan) 42 (5)
2011–2012 Bristol City 23 (1)
2012– Crystal Palace 132 (12)

Not exactly impressive are they? However the biggest reason to sell him is that at 27 he is at the peak of his career and won’t mature any more as a player. He can’t be coached or trained more than he has been so his end product won’t improve.

Keep the player and we’ll stifle the progress of the players we got coming through in that position, such as Kaikai. Maybe Bolasie leaving will be a good thing for Wilf who is still young enough to be coached?

But, as I said, I am not slagging the guy off. I am supporting the decision to sell him and the opinion that £25m, rising to £30m is a good bit of business for us and one that we had to accept.

Think I’m wrong? Tell me in the comments section below.

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