Rumours, lies and bullshit

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It seems some parts of the media have got it in for us, in particular the tabloid media.

It started 2 weeks ago with reports that Wilfred Zaha was unhappy with his current contract and that he won’t be offered a new one because he has 3 years left on his current deal.

That seemed to have blow over and then yesterday came the news that Jason Puncheon and Yannick Bolasie are also unhappy with their current contracts and want new deals.

Of course, we could all see this coming, if these reports are true. With all 3 of the mentioned players having been signed or given new contracts 2-3 years ago it is obvious that with new players coming signing who are either established Premier League or/and international players their wages would be a lot higher than players still trying to prove themselves on the biggest stage.

While I’ve no doubt that players who are rumoured to be on £35,000 a week would be pissed off that there are 2 or 3 players in the squad rumoured to be on £80,000 a week, do they have a right to be?

Compare what Yannick Bolasie, Wilfred Zaha and Jason Puncheon have achieved in their careers compared to Andros Townsend, Yahoan Cabaye and Steve Mandanda and it is difficult to see why they should be given contract in the same ball park.

That aside, the rumour today has me a little more bemused because it is said that Everton and Arsenal will battle it out for the signing of Scott Dann. Yes, the same Scott Dann who has just been made the club captain.

I find two things inconceivable.

  1. That the club would sell our most valuable defender on the eve of the season after making him club captain.
  2. That Scott Dann would want to leave or seek to force a move after accepting the captaincy.

While it is not unheard of for a player to have no morals, scruples or loyalty, Scott Dann does not strike me as the type of player to take the captain’s armband and then royally dump on the fans who love him so much.

It also isn’t unheard of for a club to take the golden Shilling when receiving a good offer for a player but as we have $hitloads of money because of the new TV deal and the new American backers it would send out all the wrong signals if we were to accept any type of offer barring a complete out of this world offer.

Even then money verses instability, throwing all our planning into disarray and sending out completely the wrong signals.

So, just why does it seem the mainstream media have it is for Crystal Palace by spreading lies and making up bullshit that is hard to believe.

There is an old fashioned saying that goes; there is no smoke without fire. Let’s hope it isn’t true!

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