What the hell is going on?


Have you ever sold your home? Have you been part of one of those annoying chains where you can complete when the person you are buying from completes?

I’ve been lucky in my time, I bought and sold the same property in the UK without any chains and did the same thing in Sweden. I realise I am very much an exception than the rule.

This seems to be what’s going on with the love triangle that is the Yannick Bolasie move to Everton and the Christian Benteke move to Crystal Palace.

Here’s a recap.

On August 9th it was reported that Crystal Palace had accepted a £25m bid from Everton for Yannick Bolasie. On August 10th the winger travelled to Everton for talks and a medical. Later in the day it was unofficially announced that he’d accepted a £20m four year deal and would sign for Everton.

On the same day it was announced that Crystal Palace had matched Liverpool’s asking price of £32.5m for Christian Benteke. Because the deal had been on and off for four weeks a contract was agreed the same day, August 9th, but confirmation was to be on hold until Bolasie’s transfer had been agreed.

So what gives? Why hasn’t the deals been finalised and announced?

Because of Oumar Niasse. Omar who? Oumar Niasse is the ‘icing on the cake’ for Palace because in addition to the initial £25m they would receive they would also get Oumar Niasse on a season long loan. Niasse signed for Everton in January 2016 for £14m.

So what? Just do the deals and sort out Niasse afterwards.

It’s not that simple, Oumar Niasse’s loan deal is part of the Bolasie bid package. Ordinarily a player going out on loan involves a fee.

When we loaned Thomas Ince it was reported that we paid £1m for the 4 month loan agreement, plus wages! Remove Oumar Niasse from the Bolasie deal and that would impact the financial side of the deal. It could mean we’d want £1m extra for Bolasie or even more.

The trouble is Niasse doesn’t want to come to Palace because he thinks he will just sit on the bench while Benteke would be an automatic starter. Niasse would prefer a move to Turkish club Galatasaray but they can’t afford Everton’s asking price.

Okay, that’s understandable. So, why can’t Palace just complete the Benteke deal, after all we’ve not spent much money so far so we should have the money to spend.

I would agree and this is what makes everything not make any sense. We have a net spend of about £13m so far this window. That’s nothing. Not for a Premier League club and not when you consider the new TV deal that’s just kicked in.

Why would we haggle with Liverpool over £4m? It makes no sense!

I couldn’t agree with you more and one of my ‘sources’ at the club assures me Benteke has agreed personal terms with Crystal Palace and Liverpool have agreed the fee.

Of course, there are other irons in the fire but I would expect a star striker to be top of the wanted list. If other players leave, as are rumoured, we will be very light in terms of numbers.

Players rumoured to be going are Campbell, Jedinak, Ledley and Mutch. If even one of these turns out to be true then it will leave a gaping hole in the squad.

So, there you go. A transfer isn’t as simple as we would like. We are waiting for Niasse to agree to move to Palace then Bolasie can move to Everton then Benteke can move to Palace.

The classic chain and the player holding it all up is one who Everton do not want, who Palace would take but who the player does not want to go to.

Let us not forget, selling a player requires at least 4 signatures. The selling club, the buying club, the player and his agent. This is before the solicitor, medical staff and so on.

Who said buying a player is a quick and simple task?

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