Glass half empty or completely full?


With 6 Premier League games completed it seems Palace fans are fairly evenly split in their opinions as to if we are performing above or below par.

Some fans see how we performed in the second half of last season and think we should count ourselves lucky to avoid relegation this season while the other half, in which I am one, think that we should have finished 11th and have aspirations for us to finish there this season.

The fixtures given to us for the start to the season has been kind to us, the run in not so much. I am not a fan who thinks we should be beating teams week in and week out. I have very grounded aspirations for us, I think we will finish between 8th and 12th this season.

I look at the fixture list and think we should beat the teams around us and below us at home. I think we should beat the teams fighting for survival away and get a draw away to the teams around us. The teams 8th and above I’d hope to nick a point at home and accept a defeat away.

That isn’t being arrogant and isn’t expecting too much. By the same token I am not saying we shouldn’t try to get a result at home or away to the top 8 sides because, as we’ve shown during the last 3 seasons, we can get a result against anyone on our day!

So it amazes me that people have branded me everything from arrogant for saying we should be beating West Brom at home to a fantasist for saying we should have 5 more points than we have currently. Why?

The points in question is from losing to West Brom and drawing to Bournemouth, both at home. They were both games I looked at on paper and thought we should win, if I took our piss poor form from last season into account then maybe I’d hope for a draw but we are not ‘plucky little Palace’ any more!

I think we all saw how happy West Brom were to get a victory at the start of the season? They were expecting to a hard game and didn’t expect to win. They got a result.

We are not a crap team! We have a lot of shortcomings, for example our lack of depth in defence but we should not be going in to games to promoted sides and thinking we achieved something by beating them. We should be beating them!

This is our 4th season in the Premier League, we have had a lot of investment and play some good football. We should be beating teams around us and below us at home. That isn’t being arrogant, that’s having a good opinion of my team, our players and coaching staff.

So, as things stand today, if we had the extra 5 points we’d be 2nd in the league. But of course we are 6 games in and in December we have a run of games where we play some of the big boys which in my mind will see us drop points and be the leveller.

Going by my calculations we should lose our last 5 away games. They are to Chelsea, Southampton, Liverpool, Man City and Man United. Ying and yang, I don’t hold out much hope of getting anything in those games so that is balanced by hoping to beat the likes of Bournemouth at home.

They say that things even themselves out in football, which we know is complete rubbish but I am sure we will get our fair share of unexpected points along the road and they will be a bonus but that doesn’t mean we mean we shouldn’t becry the dropping of points we think we should be getting.

We need to drop the small team mentality, we just paid £30m for a player, FFS!

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