This is not our longest stay in the top flight!


They say that if you say something enough it will become true, or at least an accepted truth.

It shocks and saddens me that our chairman and “lifelong fan” can keep making such a mistake. The press, who are lazy by nature, like to run with it and it gets spoon fed back to us meaning our younger fans accept it as true.

What am I talking about? The constant referral by people, in this case Steve Parish on Talksport, that this is out longest period “in the top flight” of English football.

Here is Steve Parish’s direct quote: “I am a fan of the football club and that is the biggest pressure. I care about the club and we have a trajectory where we have had three years in the Premier League, having never been in the top flight for this long.”

We were in the ‘top flight’ for 4 years between 1989-1992. We are currently in our 4th year in the top flight now so we are not in new and uncharted territory. We have done this before.

Okay, I get that we have not been in the Premier League for more than one season before our current stay but as everyone knows and grow tired of repeating, football was around before the Premier League and Parish specifically says “top flight”.

I like Steve Parish, he might be a bit tight but he has done an amazing job for our football club. I just hate the constant brain washing that gets put around that we are in our best ever period, we have never been so successful. It simply isn’t true. Yet!

If we survive this season and enter a 5th season in the top flight then it would be a viable discussion. What do you call success? Finishing mid-table for 4 seasons or having a season finishing 3rd?

For me finishing 3rd after a 42 league game campaign in 1990-1991 is a much higher achievement than winning 6 games to get to a cup final. Everyone in football knows, winning a cup is good, as is getting to a final, but league position shows your class.

If Steve Parish has really been a fan for as long as he says he has been then I’m sure he’d remember the best period in our history between 1989-1992. I’m surprised all the people around him don’t remember it either. Mark Bright, Alan Pardew, John Salako, Andy Woodman among others were all at the club during that period so why do they let a lie get retold time and time again?

Why does it matter so much to me? Because during that period I was going to games, home and away, and I don’t want that time to be down played just so we can have a few lines in a paper saying how well little Palace are doing.

Rant over but it bloody annoys me!

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