Tony Pulis won’t resign, here’s why!


Just as in the final few months of last season, Tony Pulis is crowing and making noises about wanting to leave West Brom because he didn’t get what he wanted in the transfer window.

Fans of Crystal Palace know him from the 8 months he spent as manager of our club. First he moans about the amount of players he ‘needs’ then he moans about not having enough money to buy the standard he needs. It is a tried and test ploy which usually sees that he gets what he wants, and this transfer window was no different.

Teflon Tony said he needed 5 players in the window and 5 players he got. Once the transfer window shut there began a bizarre exchange in the media where Pulis claimed he didn’t get the players he wanted.

For the record West Brom signed Brendan Galloway (loan), Hal Robson-Kanu (free), Allan Nyom (€4.7m), Matt Phillips (€6.5m) and Nacer Chadli (€15.2m – club record).

West Brom’s new chairman John Williams claimed that Pulis wanted 5, he got 5 and if they are not up to the required standard then Pulis is to blame because he signed them! Furthermore Williams added that “Pulis is very secretive in his transfer dealings!” No shit, Sherlock!

So this is what led us to today, one we are all too familiar with from the summer of 2014. It was just after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil had ended (which Pulis attended on a ‘scouting mission’… I wonder who paid for that?) when all these threats started leaking to the media that Pulis would walk out unless we signed this player or that player.

At the time we were all quite delirious that Pulis had managed to, not only keep us up but finish in such a high league position. Some would have let him have any player he wanted, almost, sorry Crouchy! So, it came as little surprise to us when he walked out on the club 2 days before our opening Premier League game against Arsenal at The Emirates.

What kind of a low life does that to a club and it’s supporters? He knew what he was doing and you can guess for yourself why he didn’t do it at the end of May when the season ended.

So what does any of this have to do with whether Pulis will walk out on West Brom or not? He’s done it before so why not again?

“Fuck you” money is an amount of money someone has with which at any time that person grows tired of their job or boss they can walk out and be able to live off of it for a few months/years.

Well, last time he did it he was running out the door with just under £2m freshly deposited in his bank account and thought he had the “fuck you” money (see box on right) but more importantly because he should be so hard up at the moment that he needs a pay off. If you get sacked you get a pay off, if you resign you get sod all!

On top of that, Teflon Tony owes Crystal Palace £3.5m as a result of an independent tribunal ruling that said he had to pay us that amount after a dispute over a bonus for keeping the club in the Premier League.

Under the terms of his contract with Crystal Palace, Pulis was entitled to the bonus after taking us to an 11th-place finish in 2013-14 after joining with the club in the relegation zone. He was scheduled to be paid the sum, believed to be around £2m –before the end of August 2014 but it was brought forward at his request.

Pulis then stunned us by walking out on the eve of our opening Premier League fixture of the season against Arsenal citing disagreements over funds for new players.

Steve Parish kept a very dignified silence on the matter and always spoke respectfully about Pulis, imagine is Simon Jordan was the chairman? Remember the Dowie press conference at Charlton?

So Palace took the case to an independent mediation tribunal set up under FA rules to avoid football disputes going to court. The result was that on March 16th 2016 Pulis was ordered to pay more than £3.5m. That sum is thought to include £1m in damages, with Pulis also ordered to pay both sides’ legal costs.

Under the confidential terms of the arbitration, neither party is allowed to comment on the case. However, it is understood Pulis was given several opportunities to settle without going to court but was so convinced that he’d win he preferred to let it go to court instead.

So while Pulis may want to walk out of West Brom I dare say he can’t afford to do so because he needs the money. I’m not saying he’s skint but however he got the £3.5m to pay us, assuming he has, he will be a little short and need to add to his pension pot.

He won’t be walking out on West Brom any time soon… But he may be sacked and he’ll have to be careful how he orchestrates that!


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