Yannick Bolasie… To boo or not to boo


Crystal Palace’s trip to Everton on Friday night saw the first meeting of Yannick Bolasie with his former club and the travelling fans let their feelings about him be known.

This led to one or two unhappy Crystal Palace fans on Twitter who branded our travelling fans “twats” and other such inspiring names. Never being one to shy away from a discussion I engaged the tweeters because the travelling fans couldn’t defend themselves and I agreed that Bolasie should have been booed!

One tweeter, who I won’t dignify with naming, though if you look in my Twitter history you can find him, said “booing a player you idolised 6 weeks ago. Twats!”

I didn’t idolise Yannick Bolasie and a fair few of us didn’t. Many of us can look past the street football tricks and see a player who has a big ego and thinks it was all about him. People blamed Pardew for playing him out of position in the number 10 role when it was at Bolasie’s insistence he play there!

How do we know this? Because Bolasie insisted on having the number 10 squad number for this season before he left to go to Everton so it is a little rich that he told everyone in an interview with Everton TV that “I am a winger and I’ve always been a winger!” in a sly dig at Pardew and how he was used last season.

One of my pet hates is injustice and while I question some decisions that Pardew has made I don’t think blaming him for something that isn’t his fault is right. The truth is Bolasie wanted to play through the middle because he saw himself as the answer to our striking problems.

However, Bolasie forgot that to be a striker you first have to be able to score goals!

When Bolasie left some people openly said they want to give him a heroes welcome when he comes back to Selhurst Park. This leaves me gobsmacked!

Why would any one want to hero worship a player who:

  • In his last game for us (at home to West Brom) the fans sang his name when he came on as a 2nd half substitute. He didn’t acknowledge them and at the end of the game just walked off the pitch without acknowledging the fans. He knew he was leaving, Palace accepted Everton’s bid 2 days before. The next day he went to Liverpool for a medical and on the Monday he signed for them. We all know how long it takes to complete a transfer by how long it took to sign Benteke!
  • Bolsasie said he “dreamed of playing in front of fans like these” in reference to Everton fans. Last night they were pretty quiet so I can only assume he needs peace and quiet to concentrate. In any case it was a bit of a put down to the Holmesdale Fanatics.
  • He said he wanted to move to Everton because they are “ambitious!” So us chasing and then signing a £30m striker isn’t ambitious? We actually outspent Everton.
  • When asked by Pardew and Parish what they could do to convince him to stay he said “nothing can be done”
  • He had a sly dig at Pardew for playing him up front as a striker by saying “I’m a winger, I’ve always been a winger!” when he in fact saw himself as a number 10. This season he insisted on taking that squad number!
  • Bolasie admitted that Lukaku had been on at him for ages to move to Everton.
  • It was all about the money, honey!

He deserved to get stick. He didn’t like it and it hurt his ego judging by his constant gesturing to the away fans. Maybe the booing put him off his game? If so, job done!

Yannick Bolasie of Everton performs an overhead kick during the Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

So how should he have behaved? If only we had someone who was leaving the club at the same time we could compare him to… Two words, Mile Jedinak!

Jedinak went to all 4 corners of the ground at the final whistle of the West Brom game, threw his shirt into the crowd, gave an interview to Villa TV where he bigged up Villa while at the same time showing Palace a massive amount of respect.

But then, I guess the difference is Jedinak didn’t want to leave, didn’t have a massive ego and didn’t see himself as bigger than the club.

That’s why Jedinak will get a warm welcome at Selhurst Park if he ever comes back to play against us and Bolasie won’t.

  1. Brian O'Hara says

    Absolutely spot on !

    1. The Expat Eagle says

      Cheers mate, much appreciated!

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