The beginning of the end for ‘Super Al’?


Over the past week or two I have noticed more and more fans who have either started complaining about the situation at the club, things that weren’t being complained about before. In particular I’m referring to our lack of squad depth and poor results.

In the summer I wrote about how people seemed to have been blinded by the signings we made, which undoubtedly improved the first 11 but did little or nothing to improve the squad. If anything the squad itself was weakened.

I’ve also written about how our results have been poor, masked by our unbeaten run of 5 against poor teams, apart from the draw up at Everton which was actually a result I didn’t expect us to achieve. We had a relatively easy start to the season and people are waking up to the fact we have a nightmare run in from the start of April.

We are now in a run of 4 consecutive defeats which as we face Manchester City next, it does not leave me with anything other than a feeling of dread. Realistically I don’t hold out much hope of getting a result against City but the 3 games after that, away at Swansea, home to Southampton and away to Hull, will be the make or break time for Pardew.

I think anything less than 6 points from the next 12 and it will be the end of his time as manager because after that we have Manchester United and Chelsea at home. The prospect that we’ll spend Christmas in the bottom three is a very real one indeed!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results!” – Albert Einstein

Pardew leaving the club would lead to the inevitable question, who is out there to take the club forward? While I am not going to go into that at this moment in time I do hope the powers that be are at least monitoring the situation in case a change has to be made. We always seem to be caught off guard and take weeks to make a decision.

If, or when, the time comes to make a change that doesn’t mean the Newcastle fans were right in their opinion of Pardew. The two situations are completely different between Pardew at Newcastle and Pardew at Palace.

Pardew at Newcastle had a net spend of £1m over his 5 years in charge. This was mainly because the board kept selling their best players from under him and replaced them with cheap players with potential. The fans never took to Pardew because was part of the ‘Cockney’ mafia and for me, all things considered he over achieved with them.

Pardew at Palace has had a net spend of about £45-50m during his 2 years in charge. The board has backed him all the way, the fans idolised him from the word go and have backed him all the way. Yet last season, his first full season, he under achieved in the league by a long way.

Pardew is a manager who seems to make the same mistakes again and again. His thinking seems to be that he is right and sooner or later it will work.

As Albert Einstein once exclaimed “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results!” and this does indeed sum up Pardew.

If it doesn’t work at Palace, he’ll only have himself to blame because he couldn’t have life any better than he does right now but he seem intend on screwing things up and fans patience will only last so long.

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