Jeffery Schlupp Out For Up To 12 Weeks

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Injury to new signing Jeffery Schlupp was undoubtedly the most disappointing thing to come out of Saturday’s defeat to Manchester City in the FA Cup.

On 76 minutes with The Eagles losing by two goals Jeffery Schlupp overstretched for a ball and needed to leave the pitch. He walked straight down the tunnel, usually an indication that a player is injured and we all pretty much feared the worst.

I was listening to the game via BBC London and the commentators said they say Schlupp holding his hamstring as he walked off and speculated that he had pulled it.

Given that Schlupp went down ‘injured’ at the end of the game against Everton, which led to their goal, you would be forgive for thinking it was the same injury. You would also be forgiven for wondering why he played in the game if injured in the previous game.

Against Everton Schlupp went down with cramp in his calf, which isn’t serious. I’m sure you have had cramp before and you’ll know it passes soon enough. As Schlupp was attempting to play his first 90 minutes in a long time, so wasn’t ‘match fit’, cramp struck.

After the game Sam Allardyce confirmed that Schlupp has pulled his hamstring and “would be out a while”. The cramp and hamstring problems are not connected however I am in agreement with a lot of fans who thought he shouldn’t have been risked in a game we, the fans, didn’t think was a priority.

Given that just 3 days later we play Bournemouth in a game we must get 3 points in, it would have made more sense to have given Fryers a start and a chance to prove himself. He needs the experience.

So I really do not understand why Schlupp was risked for the whole game. Benteke was taken off at half time, McArthur was taken off on 65 minutes and the game was as good as over.

A hamstring injury can take up to 12 weeks to heal, which was the length of time he was out of action the last time he had a hamstring injury.

Let’s all hope that the injury isn’t as serious this time around and that he’ll be back in action sooner than the manager fears.

We certainly haven’t had a lot of luck with injuries during the last 13 months. Injuries as a result of tackles you can’t plan for but muscular injuries and strains seem to be a problem with training.

Allardyce and his team have only been in place a couple of weeks so hopefully our problem with injuries is on the list of things to iron out along with leaking goals and lack of concentration.

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