Mamadou Sakho’s Injury Not As Bad As First Feared

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Mamadou Sakho’s knee injury isn’t as bad as first feared Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp, revealed on Friday during a press conference.

It was initially feared that Sakho had suffered a serious injury after being stretchered off during the Premier League fixture with Tottenham Hotspur at Selhurst Park on Wednesday.

However, it now appears that Sakho will only miss weeks, rather than months though it will still mean he won’t play again this season.

The Liverpool manager is quoted by the club’s official website as saying: “First of all, I think you saw the pictures with Mamadou, it looked really awful so it could have been nearly everything.

“Since we got the (scan) images from Crystal Palace, we know there are no ligaments involved, so in a situation like this – and maybe not for Crystal Palace – but for the player it’s the best thing he could get.

“I think he is out for a few weeks, but that is something that will be good at the end, but at the end of the season each injury is a big blow because there is not a lot of time to recover.”

As the injury doesn’t appear to be serious it means Sakho won’t be hindered in transferring to another club should one come calling. Hopefully Palace? Stranger things have happened!

  1. d says

    i now live in perth western australia , got here in 1988, i was born in croydon and lived in selsdon till i was 16 when my parents moved us to haywards heath. in enemy brighton country, stayed there till i got to aus. i have never stopped dreaming watching supporting or advertising my club in some way. even after almost 30 years in aus , i eat sleep and drink palace, i always wear the shirt at perth glory matches in the a.league and at the gym. my 2 sons and even my 2 daughters now all in there 30s are the same. this is the first time i have come across your blog which is brilliant…….i first went to palace when my friends dad took me as a6 year old in 1960…i was smitten , that was it, palace was for me. in those days no shirts for sale but claret and blue scarf and rosette adorn my bedroom till the coming of allison and the red and happy to have been alive at a lot of palace firsts. please as soon as you know what next years kits are post it on here. as i would love to keep in touch. regards howard knoth.ptid and coyp.

    1. The Expat Eagle says

      Thanks a lot for your kind words and for sharing you story. It always amazes me how we get flung far and wide but still stay loyal to the Palace. 🙂

      Myself, I was born in Guy’s at London Bridge and lived in different areas of south London, even outside Palace’s ground when I was 2. Some how I ended up living in Sweden but still make it back to London fairly often, less so now my dad as gone, but the funny thing is even after living in Sweden for 16 years I see more of Palace now than I did in the last 5 years that I lived in London (96-01) because I worked too much back then.

      In the late 80s I was aware a lot of our games were shown live in Scandinavia because of Swedish advertising around the pitch so it came as no surprise that there is a big following for the Palace out here. Maybe Ron Noades wasn’t so bad after all?

      But the original idea for this site was for expat eagles like us. My idea was bigger and better than it has turned out to be in the first year but I have big plans for next season, more information on here, more podcasts, YouTube videos and so on. I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff to make things better and I have been digitising all my old Palace videos recorded back in the 80s and 90s such as the whole program from cup final day in 1990.

      Thanks for writing and as soon as the new kits are announced they’ll be posted on here and on my Facebook/Twitter pages.

      Up the Palace!

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