Wake Me Up, I’m Enjoying This Dream Too Much!


If I were to liken Crystal Palace’s current form to a type of dream then it would have to be like a teenager’s wet dream. 

Do you know the kind I mean? You know, the kind where when you wake up it’s as if you are stuck to the sheets with superglue and when you remove the sheet it is reminiscent to getting a bikini wax… Apparently…

But I digress.

Crystal Palace 3 Arsenal 0

Andros Townsend celebrates his goal with Wilfred Zaha

As the legendary Jimmy Greaves once said (on many occasions) “Football is a funny old game” and last night’s game is the perfect case in point.

It is well known that statistics can be made to prove almost anything and at the end of the day, the only statistic that matters is the one under the heading ‘goals’.

The game was quite good without ever really being spectacular. I didn’t feel particularly nervous when Arsenal were attacking in much the same way if a toothless, clawless tiger came running at me I wouldn’t be overly nervous.

It seems something is very wrong at Arsenal and if Wenger is really staying there for at least one more season then it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Can you imagine how we felt when we wanted rid of Pardew? Add to that the fact that the only person who could decide if Pardew left was Pardew himself. Essentially that is the problem Arsenal fans have.

I have to laugh because Arsenal fans are some of the most detestable fans I have come across.

That aside, for all the media writing about how poor Arsenal were, we were better and maybe, just maybe, they were so poor because we were so good? I know, it’s a strange concept but it might be true.

Townsend scored the first goal to cap a good team move. Wilfred Zaha provided the assist even if he did slip when crossing the ball. It just goes to show how everything is going right for him at the moment. Even his slips are assists.

Yohan Cabaye celebrates his goal

Yohan Cabaye score the second goal with a glorious looping shot from the right side of the 18 yard box. The ball was passed to him from the right by Wilf and Cabaye swung a boot at it and helped it on it’s way. A wonderful arcing shot into the top left hand corner of the goal.

The third goal was scored by Luka. I just call him Luka, you know who I mean! He scored from the penalty spot and it was nice to see someone take the ball and not piss around when taking the penalty. He hit it hard and low to the left but the Arsenal keeper, Martinez, couldn’t get a hand to it. Kudos!

Townsend was the player brought down in the box by the aforementioned keeper. He did well to chase a ball, partly being shielded by an Arsenal defender and just poke the ball away leaving Martinez to catch Townsend on the left hand side of the box.

While it was a clear penalty and maybe Martinex would have been been sent off last year I thought the referee had given Arsenal a free kick. It’s the kind of thing that happens to us.

We were very much the team in control and the score actually flattered Arsenal. I was pleased to get the 3 points, clean sheet and no obvious injury worries.

Here are the game stats.

Crystal Palace
Ball possession
Goal attempts
Shots on goal
Shots off goal
Blocked Shots
Free kicks
Corner kicks
Goalkeeper saves
Yellow cards
Total Passes

Form Matters

Palace are on a run of form, maybe the best run of form we have ever had in the top flight? I’m too lazy to go and look up the statistics but current form is 5 wins and 4 clean sheets out of 6 games. To expand it and include the Bournemouth game it is 6 wins and 5 clean sheets in 8 games.

Either way it is impressive and a big turn around of form from what we’ve been used to this season from Palace.

In the table, Palace still sit in 16th place but we have pulled out a 4 point gap to Hull City in 17th place and we still have a game in hand. Were we to win the game in hand we’d currently be sitting in 10th place, above Watford on goal difference.

In fact, I think we are looking good to finish the season in mid-table. While Palace sit on 34 points there is one team above us on 35 points, four teams on 36 points and one team on 37 points.

In fact we are only 6 points behind Southampton in 9th place.

Never let it be said that I don’t look up occasionally with a positive and optimistic mindset. I am in a glass half full phase and not in the way that I am in the glass while it is filling up to ultimately drown me…

Home and Away

We have finally moved off of the bottom of the table, in the table for home games. We sit in 18th place having moved above Sunderland and Middlesbrough but would need 5 points to catch West Ham in 16th place.

In the away games table, Palace sit in 8th place. We are level on points with Southampton and sit 6 points off Arsenal in 6th place.

Perception Is A Funny Thing

After recording stunning victories against Chelsea and Arsenal you could forgive me for being rather optimistic about the games we have coming up. However the Southampton game serves as a reminder that we still have some issues in the squad that can be out Achilles Heel, namely, squad depth.

That said, we have players coming back and I think we can get at least 9 points from the remaining games by beating Leicester, Burnley and Hull City. Anything more than that would be bonus points.

Most importantly that would see us secure a spot in the Premier League for next season. The earlier that happens, the earlier we can start planning for next season.

Roll on Saturday, UP THE PALACE!

Our remaining games are: Bottom 9 Table: P GD Pts
Leicester (h)
Liverpool (a)
Tottenham (h)
Burnley (h)
Manchester City (a)
Hull City (h)
Manchester United (a)
Stoke City
West Ham
Crystal Palace

Hull City
Swansea City

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