2017/18 Shirt Design

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It’s that time of year again when, as we draw near to the end of the season, fans start to think about the next season. We think about the potential signings we might make, the players we can get rid of and also the shirt designs we will be wearing.

Back in the day when Crystal Palace were more supporter friendly, we were presented with choices to vote on. We’d be given three home kits and three away kits and we’d vote accordingly.

For some unknown reason this ceased after our first season in the Premier League. Could it be that the board didn’t like our choice of the ‘Evil Sash’ or is it that Macron would prefer to dictate to us what we are going to wear as opposed to us having a say in what we spend £50 plus on?

Football shirts, unlike other attire, is pretty much forced upon us. Fair enough, we do not have to buy the latest top but the kit makers know most supporters will do, be it for themselves, their kid or as a present for someone else.

Many fans feel they could do a better job themselves than that of a football attire designer. I believe we can as we are more likely to know the history of the club and have a feeling of what the majority of fans want.

I, myself have turned my hand at kit design in the past. In 2012 I began to make some kits, mainly for the Football Manager game. Last year I designed about 30 tops based on different eras be it sash based, stripes based, hoops based and even a few outside the box designs.

My favourite designs are some of my first, back before we got a new badge and Mansion as a sponsor.

My Designs from 2013

As you can see I have a soft spot for Adidas as a kit maker. When it comes to stripes, my favourite kit was the 1984 Red Rose kit, which was mainly blue. My favourite sash kit was done by Admiral or by Errea because of the shoulder detail but the 1981 Adidas sash was good too, even if I did melt it when I tried to iron it!

I also really liked out late 70s yellow away kit with black stripes over the shoulders.

I am not someone who is very proficient with 3D programs, even if I have tried my hand a Grand Prix car design for Formula 1 Grand Prix. I made all the kits in Photoshop and though I prefer them in 2D I was impressed by some designs I came across today.

I wouldn’t even try to make football kits in a 3D modelling program but it seems someone called William Geddes has done just that. Judging by his website he is a graphic designer and he has designed 3 kits for all of next season’s Premier League teams, or the teams he expects to be in the Premier League next season.

The full range of kits can be found here.

William has designed kits for other leagues, such as the Championship, Ligue 1, Scottish Premiership, International Teams, etc. but it is the Premier League which seem to be the most recent and I’d say the best!

Check out his site but in the meantime, wouldn’t you be happy if Palace unveiled the three kits below for next season?

Going from left to right they are the away, home and 3rd kit.

Picture courtesy of William Geddes

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