Glenn Murray, Once A Murderer Always A Murderer

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There is a well known expression ‘once a murderer always a murderer’ which is used to imply that once you’ve committed a crime you are forever tarnished.

It was an express I used often during Glen Murray’s time with Palace, in jest I hasten to add, because he played for Brighton before joining us. My thinking was that because he played for the enemy you could never be sure if he would turn back to the dark side.

Well, it seems this season that he has well and truly revealed himself to be a murderer, metaphorically speaking of course.

I have an always will have fond memories of Murray in a Palace shirt and I will always wonder what his career would have been like had he not been injured for the first half of our first season back in the Premier League.

Personally, I think he’d have got at least 15 goals a season based on how well he did when he did play for us. In the tail end of our first season under Pulis, Murray started 3 games and made 11 appearances as substitute, scoring 1 goal. Okay, not very impressive.

The next season under Warnock/Pardew, Murray started 9 games and made 8 appearances as substitute scoring 8 goals. That was the same season he went on loan to Reading where he score 8 goals in 18 appearances.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to label Murray traitor I do find it a little difficult to stomach him kissing the Brighton badge after he scores for them.

I accept he needs to keep playing football and I do not begrudge him going back to Brighton to ply his trade. That’s fair enough but to act in the manner he has been and saying some of the things he has said leaves a bad taste after the relationship he had with the Palace fans.

I wouldn’t boo him if he plays against us next season but I wouldn’t cheer him either.

As the saying goes, once a murderer always a murderer.

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