It’s The Silly Season Again!


Yes, it’s here again! It’s the silly season, that time of year when we are linked with just about every play who wants a move.

I have made it my policy to not comment on or run stories that have little or no foundation because most of them are just Croydon Advertiser click bait stories designed to… Well, make you click on them and generate revenue for them.

I sometimes get duped though I mainly see through them For example, recently I clicked on a story which claimed Pardew was about to take over at a club only for it to turn out to be Sheffield Wednesday and it might happen only of they lose their play-off game.

I have been accused of running click bait stories in the past but as I don’t have any adverts on my sites, I can’t be running click bait.

I can’t say that I don’t believe in running stories to generate views because a blog is a views based industry, if I can call it that. However, I don’t believe in running stories to needlessly get people to read my posts. What’s the point? It will just make you, the reader, trust me less in the same way I no longer trust the Croydon Advertiser!

Sometimes the stories that are run are true but spun so they seem like news.

For example, the news that Wilfred Zaha will sign a new 5-year contract worth (apparently) £110,000 a week. Why is this news? Zaha has 3 years left on his current deal worth (apparently) £35,000 a week so it just means he is getting a pay rise, he’d still be a Palace player for the next 2 years if he refused to sign and we refused to let him go.

So the news should be, Zaha gets massive pay rise for honouring his contract. That’s not taking anything away from Zaha, he has done well this season and I felt he should have got a new deal last summer so I don’t begrudge him the deal.

What I do begrudge is newspapers spinning it as if he is committing his long term future to the club. I’d like to know what clauses are in his contract? A minimum release clause? A relegation release clause? A Champions League team release clause?

We’ve all seen that signing a new contract is no indication that the player will be at the club in 6 months time, Dwight Gayle was proof of that. It could be argued that to get big money for Zaha we had to give him big money to justify it and/or a longer contract can attract a bigger fee.

My point is that looking past a headline shows that there really isn’t a story to be read at all.

Rest assured that that is I post something it will be with good reason and not because I read something in the gossip section of the Daily Sport’s sport pages!

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