Happy 110th Birthday Helsingborgs IF


It isn’t often that I look at another football team with envious eyes. While our support is right up there with the best in England I sometimes look at other teams and wish we could take a leaf out of their book by being more rebellious.

Helsingborgs IF badge

One such occasion happened two nights ago. Just after midnight on the 4th June, the HIF supporters that had congregated on the terrace steps of Kärnan to celebrate the birthday of their club created a spectacular sight.

A little history

Kärnan (core in English) is the city’s keep which was part of a larger medieval fortress built by the Danes to help control the entrance into the Öresund from the North Sea.

The sister fortress to Kärnan is called Kronborg Castle which sits on the other side of the sound in a town called Helsingör, in Swedish.

Those of you who enjoy reading litterature may recognise the Helsingör’s English name, Elsinore, which when coupled together with Kronborg Castle adds up to the location of where Hamlet by William Shakespeare is set.

Spectacular scene

So, just after midnight the masses of HIF fans began the party!

It’s clear that the fans had some level of approval to celebrate on the terrace steps in this manner. In the video you can see police in attendance but not doing anything.

This was a HIF initiative from 2016 featuring the areas of Helsingborg. Looks familiar?

The whole event was widely reported in the local media and in a positive light (no pun intended) on TV. As far as I’m aware there were no arrests and everyone acted responsibly.

The cooperation between the club, the council and local businesses in the city is second to none. I genuinely wish Croydon Council afforded us the same level of trust and generosity as Helsingborg council does to HIF.

Even when it comes to the local shops, who give so much visible support in their shops and windows is humbling.

Could you imagine Croydon Council allowing the Holmesdale Fanatics to organise anything like the spectacle in the video in any of the borough’s parks let alone on part of a historical monument dating back to 1310?

The cities busses with HIF flags on match day

Could you imagine practically every shop in Croydon town centre displaying something, however small, to show support of our team? It could be in the form of a scarf at the bottom of the window, a hat on a mannequin or even a small sticker in the corner of the window.

Every little helps!

On top of that the company that runs the busses in Region Skåne (the south of Sweden) which is equivalent in area to the south-east of England makes sure that on home match days every bus in the city are flying two flags with the HIF badge on it.

Naturally in other cities with a professional football team, such as Malmö, Trelleborg and so on, the local busses there fly their teams flag. But what a nice initiative it is, wouldn’t it be nice for every bus out of Croydon Bus Garage to do the same for us on match days? Or even if it were just the busses that go past the ground such as the 157 or old 68 and X68.

I guess football fans and football in general has been viewed so poorly during the last 40 years that the attitude is difficult to change from viewing fans as hooligans to valued customers.

We spend money, a lot of money on football and also in the local community. Football is the biggest sport on Earth yet we tend to be treated like second class citizens, herded by police and looked down on.

Surely this has to stop in England?

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