Did We Really Try To Keep Bolasie?

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Last summer Crystal Palace sold Yannick Bolasie to Everton for an estimated £27m but something has been bugging for the past year and now I know what it is.


Last summer we got the bulk of our transfer business done early. We bought Andros Townsend, Steve Mandanda and James Tomkins in as soon as the window opened. From the moment they signed there was a long and drawn out situation between us and Liverpool regarding Christian Benteke.

At the same time a situation was brewing regarding our wingers. Wilfred Zaha, Jason Puncheon and Yannick Bolasie were all reported to be unhappy and wanted new contracts. They were told they would not be offered new contracts and the rumour was that all three wanted to leave as a result.

At the moment this isn’t really important. As time went on Bolasie caused the most waves and demanded a transfer on the eve of our first game of the season at home to West Brom. The next day he was given permission to go to Liverpool and discuss terms with Everton.

In the press Alan Pardew was telling anyone who’d listen that he was desperate to keep Bolasie. He stated that he asked Bolasie what could he do that would convince him to stay at the club. Bolasie said there wasn’t anything.

Those reports in the press came after we’d accepted Everton’s offer so there would be no point posturing for a bigger fee or any games like that. It was done to explain that why we were selling him, to smooth things over with the fans.

Two days later Bolasie signed for Everton. We pocketed £27m and we then had the finances to push through with the transfer of Christian Benteke. We duly signed him in a deal worth almost what we received for Bolasie.

So? What’s the point?

The point is this. Alan Pardew made it known that he was ‘desperate’ to keep Bolasie. Steve Parish claimed he wanted Bolaise to stay too. It seems everyone at the club wanted him to stay at the Palace.

Great! But Bolasie wanted to leave. Yes, which gave us the money to sign Christian Benteke.

So? Get to the point!

My questions are these:

  • Had we not sold Yannick Bolasie would we have had the money to buy Chrisitan Benteke?

    By all accounts we didn’t have the money or if we did then we’d not have had the rescue funds we spent in January.

  • Had we not signed Benteke then we’d not have had a 15 goal a season striker, who would we have signed to play up front given our lack of funds?

    We signed Loic Remy on loan and had he remained fit he could have done the job. But him aside, who were out backup options? Whoever they were they’d have been cheaper and less effective.

  • Had we not signed Benteke then we’d have been relegated, wouldn’t we?

    Of course we can’t say for sure but all the indications are we would have been. Take out lack of goals from last season and put them in this season then the results speak for themselves.

So, what do you think would have happened?

I think had Bolasie decided to stay then we’d have pushed through the Benteke deal but the money we spent in January wouldn’t have been there. We’d have had no rescue fund to bail us out.

Maybe it was a good thing that Parish rained in Pardew’s spending to keep some back for January should the need arise, which it did.


Last summer I was a little hard on Bolasie for leaving but now, now he may have done us a favour because had he not left we’d have needed to sell players in January for Big Sam to have spent.

We’d have sold players, no trouble. But we’d have got a lot less be it Bolasie, Townsend or Zaha who would have been our old real sell-able commodities.

So, I take it all back. Bolasie leaving helped contribute to us staying up. In a roundabout kind of way.

It just goes to show, sometimes things happen for a reason and it’s best to see how things look in 12 months time. Everything works out for the best in the end.

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