Did They Pick The Wrong Top?

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It’s inevitable that when any new football kit is released that there will be a mixed reaction between the likes and dislikes.

This season’s new kit are no exception. When released, the home kit was warmly welcomed because it was a striped top. The cynics among us, myself included, noticed that it is almost identical to the top we wore three seasons ago when Neteller were our sponsors, albeit with a slight change to the collar and sleeve detail.

We Know We’re Being Conned But We Buy It Anyway

The 2014/15 home top next to the 2016/17 home top

I know how it works. The club changes it’s tops every season to bring in extra revenue. No? Okay, it might be the kit manufacturer who insists on it to maximise income but the clubs are always happy to go along with it.

Maybe the club should introduce a rewards scheme where by if you buy a new top each season, after 5 years/coupons you get 50% off the next one? That is, if the club are serious about not conning the fans.

That aside, there are some brain dead fans out there who defend the club/Macron. They claim this kit is totally different because, if nothing else, the sponsor isn’t the same. So… fucking… what?

Given the option most fans would prefer there to not be a sponsor on the shirt in the first place.

Most fans could accept a new home top every other year with a new away top being released every year too. This means that each season there is a big launch of a new top. Even the money grabbing bastards at the FA don’t change the England kit every 12 months so how do league clubs get away with it?

The Wrong Top Was Chosen

After the generally positive reaction to the him top being released the fans waited and waited for the away top to be revealed. If truth be told, some of us were more eagerly awaiting the new away top than we were the new manager.

Let’s be honest, we seem to get a new manager as often as a new design of top and though the club may be rid of both within a year, some of us have to live with the top for a number of years.

So everything came together all at once. We had our new manager revealed to us, our new sponsor and a new away top.

Some thought it was a little ‘Meatloaf’ where two out of three weren’t bad but some of us thought two out of three weren’t good.

We all seemed to be in agreement that Frank de Boer was a positive signing as manager and we all seemed to be in agreement that the sponsor was fucking awful!

Putting aside that I have an utter dislike for betting companies sponsoring football clubs (they should be banned like tobacco is banned in Formula 1), the logo is hideous! Utterly hideous!!!

The 2017/18 away top

The one that seemed to split fans opinions was the away top design. Some people were a little OTT in their praise for it, bordering on orgasmic, while the rest of us seemed to think it looked like a pyjama top. That was a little harsh but the design was let down by the white piping sandwiching the red and blue horizontal stripe.

Then the players reported back for pre-season training on Friday 30th June and some pictures were released of the training kit. WTF? That was the design that should have been used for the away top!

There are two types, the players wear a grey top with red and blue detail on the shoulders and around the bottom of the short whereas the coaching staff wear a black version.

I don’t mind the grey version but the black version should have been out away top for the coming season. It is a nice touch to have a subtle red and blue theme on the short rather than horrible tram lines across the chest.

But I am prepared to be proved wrong. Last summer I thought the ‘banana sash’ was bloody awful and could not understand for the life of me why they chose yellow over a white sash kit but it grew on me. Not enough for me to like it more than the traditional white sash or even the black sash (AKA evil sash) but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, especially under flood lights.

Here are some of the training ground pictures. What do you think?


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