A Judas Returns


On Monday afternoon, Crystal Palace quietly announced on their website that they had appointed Dougie Freedman as Sporting Director. Twitter meltdown ensued for the second time in two days.

People who are of a cynical persuasion, such as myself, could be forgiven for thinking the appointment was made to distract attention from the lack of transfer activity.

It’s the type of ploy the government uses, to distract attention from one bad thing they announce something else, which is even worse to take you mind off of the other thing.


I’ll pull no punches, I think Dougie Freedman is a Judas bastard and he has no place getting a job at Crystal Palace Football Club.

When Freedman left us in October 2012 we were sitting in 4th place in the league after 11 games. Bolton, on the other hand, were in 16th position. While it is not in doubt that he left Palace because of being offered more money by Bolton the dismantling of our backroom team that ensued in the following month when one after one people left to join Freedman at Bolton.

First assistant manager Lennie Lawrence departed, followed a week later by Curtis Fleming and 2 other members of the coaching staff.

By the time Ian Holloway was appointed he had to find his own backroom team from wherever he could but bu this time it was early November.

So, Freedman really did drop us in the shit! It is any wonder that we managed to achieve promotion that season. The patchy form was blamed on Holloway when in truth bringing a coaching staff together and everyone getting to know each other as you go alone during a season isn’t the best recipe for success.

Freedman knew that by walking out on us, a club who held him in high regard, that he was risking us having a very good season just 2 years after being saved at the last minute.

What he did was unforgivable.

A Grass

In the tail end of the 2012/13 season just before we were due to play Cardiff out then sporting director, Ian Moody, received a text message with the team that Cardiff were due to put out the next day. Moody duly passed this on to manager Tony Pulis.

Without going in to the full details of the matter a text message went astray and ended up going to Dougie Freedman’s phone who promptly informed Cardiff and the FA about what had happened. When a meeting was convened to discuss the events and what punishment we would receive, which could have been a points deduction effectively relegating us, Freedman gave evidence against us.

I Might Forgive But I Don’t Forget

Some fans completely want to overlook what he’s done and are calling him a hero and saying ‘welcome home’ and this disgusts me.

Would we forgive Steve Bruce?

Freedman Is The Oracle

People claim Freedman found many a good player in his time as manager, citing Ward, Jedinak, Bolasie and more but that does not take in to account our scouts found those players. Just because a manager signs a player it doesn’t mean he found them.

Jedinak was playing in Turkey, do you really think Freedman is up on Turkish football? The fact Jedinak was out of contract and was trying to get trails at English clubs played a part in him coming to Palace, it had nothing to do with Freedman apart from saying he looked good in training.

Let me ask you this, if Freedman is so good at spotting a player then how comes Bolton and Nottingham Forest aren’t reaping the rewards of the many gems that he uncovered in his time with the clubs?

If Freedman is so good at spotting talent comes he hasn’t been given and head scouting jobs since he’s been out of work?

In fact, nobody has come along trying to lure him in to taking up a scouting position.

He may, or may not have found a player or two when we were at the wrong end of the Championship. We’re in the Premier League now!

This is just another case where Parish is giving jobs to his mates and old boys and this has to stop because it is not doing us any favours or helping us progress!

To plagiarise a well sung phrase “Oh Steve Parish, what have you done?”

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