Simon Jordan on Sky Sports The Debate


On Friday 18th August, Simon Jordan was a guest on the Sky Sports show called The Debate in which he discussed different subjects.

Here is the section of the show where he gives his thoughts on Crystal Palace, Frank de Boer and what we can achieve this season in the Premier League.

In my opinion Jordan talks a lot of sense in this section of the show and actually says pretty much what I have been saying the past 2 months.

Charlie Nicholas pipes up and comments that Sam Allardyce wanted an amount of money to spend, he said £50m, and when he didn’t get it decided to retire. I said this too back in June.

There are too many supporters with rose tinted glasses on at the moment and while I believe we need to support Frank de Boer in the near future I think the days where we feel we need to be grateful to Steve Parish for saving Crystal Palace are behind us.

If someone saves your life how long do you leave it before you feel you can tell them to stop taking advantage of your gratitude?

I have a lot of time for Steve Parish but he has made too many mistakes which he has got away with and he is still making them today.

It’s quite clear that it is he himself who wants us to play an expansive type of football and maybe he urged Alan Pardew to adopt it last season and that is why he was given so much time before he was sacked?

In any case, listen to the interview below and let me know what you think.

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