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One thing that annoys me is when popular, well know podcasts keep repeating incorrect statistics or facts. Here are the two which annoy me the most

This season has given me a lot of reasons to be frustrated but one of the things that has irked me the most is established podcasts such as Holmesdale Online and Five Year Plan repeating incorrect statistics.

It might seem a trivial thing but it really isn’t! It’s much like when the American’s make a film based on historical fact but change some important details to suit their narrative.

Films such as U571, Braveheart, Pearl Harbour, etc draw you in by claiming to be historically accurate when they are ‘based’ on historical fact without telling you which part is bullshit. The result is that people end up believing incorrect information and it gets accepted as fact.

U571 would have you believe that the Americans cracked the Enigma code, Braveheart was directed by an English hating racist alcoholic (Mel Gibson) who changed some facts to make the English look bad and Pearl Harbour claimed that World War II began when the Japanese bombed the Pacific island.

Small details but people believe this nonsense and is one of the main reasons the Americans have an over-inflated opinion about their country. It’s not their fault after all whenever aliens visit earth they always go to the US and nowhere else… But I am going off on a tangent!

I know that people want to look for positives in our current situation but reporting incorrect facts time and time again isn’t the best way to make me upbeat.

At worst they are outright lying. At best they are being too bone idle to look up the facts.

The Most Common Lie Mistake

The incorrect facts I am referring to are when people who really should know better are comparing Sam Allardyce’s statistics to Roy Hodgson’s or Frank de Boer’s.

The most common false fact stated was that Big Sam took eight games to get his first point. This was being churned out all the time when we had Frank de Boer in charge.

“Even under Big Sam, it took us eight games to get our first point!” No, it fucking didn’t!!!

Big Sam got a point in his first game, almost getting the win. In fact, had it not been for Christian Benteke pratting around when taking a penalty we’d have won the game. Sam got his first win in his sixth league game away at Bournemouth and during that time we scored a couple of goals.

This is a big difference to Frank’s first four games in charge where we failed to score a goal. Alas, he didn’t make it to six games so this is where our comparison has to end.

Even as recent as the Newcastle game this crap was being spouted out.

In the Five Year Plan’s post-match podcast they had a guest on who is usually on the Holmesdale Online Podcast (apologies, I can’t recall her name) and she came out with the eight-game before getting a point myth.

Maybe it is because the know-it-all Parish arse kissers keep repeating this lie so often that she has been brainwashed into believing it to be true.

Trusted Sources of Information

It would be easy for me to throw stones at other sites and podcasts by way of point scoring but that isn’t my motive. I am genuinely fed up with people, who should know better, getting these details wrong.

Both podcasts receive funding through different means thus they are ‘paid’ for their content. There is no excuse for false representation of the facts. If they were expressing their opinion it would be fine and dandy but this is not the case.

Furthermore, Holmesdale Online is an online ‘radio’ show with close links to the club and the Five Year Plan produces a popular fanzine. They both have a large audience and therefore they both have a responsibility to present correct facts to their listeners/readers and not keep repeating a false truth.

Facts are not subjective. You can’t claim it took Big Sam eight games to win his first point when it was, in fact, one game. Even if they repeatedly confused a point for a win it is still wrong by two games!

The New Lie Mistake

Upon listening to this week’s Five Year Plan podcast a statistic was brought out, which is once more incorrect, in that Roy Hodgson has better statistics for his first six games in charge than Sam Allardyce.

So let’s compare the two’s first six league games.

W D L F A GD Pts
Big Sam 1 1 4 4 9 -5 4
Roy 1 1 4 4 14 -10 4

I think that is fairly conclusive. Okay, it is only goal difference which is different but saying Roy has better statistics and everyone else on the podcast agreeing wholeheartedly is clearly wrong!

Sure, under Roy we’ve visited both Manchester clubs but when stating facts the opposition doesn’t give you leeway to manipulate them to fit your narrative. Does it?

How About The Cup?

Well, the cup isn’t league form. Is it? But, okay, I’ll humour you and add the cup games too. Naturally, it is the F.A. Cup for Sam and the League Cup for Roy.

The points indicated in the table below are purely there to reflect the outcome of the games.

W D L F A GD Pts
Big Sam 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
Roy 1 0 1 2 4 -2 3

At this point, I have to add a disclaimer. Under Big Sam, we played a third F. A. Cup game before his sixth league game, which we lost at home to Manchester City 0-3.

I compared first two cup games for each manager, however, if we were to include the third cup game for Sam it would look like this.

W D L F A GD Pts
Big Sam 1 1 1 3 4 -3 4
Roy 1 0 1 2 4 -2 3


I know I’m being a #arsewanker by nitpicking a small fact when comparing both manager’s six-game statistics but, nonetheless, a quoted fact should be correct.

Why do people feel the need to try and talk up Roy by diminishing what Sam achieved? It’s almost like a security blanket, put the old manager down to make us feel better about the new guy. This is especially humorous when it was being done to defend Frank de Boer’s record.

I don’t think it is necessary. Roy is doing a good job at the moment and just because we are doing slightly worse under him than Sam it doesn’t make me feel the world is going to hell in a handcart.

Another reason not to make statistical comparisons is that we lost the seventh and eighth games under Sam!

However, we won the next four games in a row! In total, we won six, drew one and lost one of the next eight games and I am not so sure we’ll do that under Roy.

Best to end the comparisons now, eh?

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