Why Bakary Sako Should Get A New Contract

Have we learned anything in the last 9 months?

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While I am somewhat bemused by the recent euphoria over Bakary Sako scoring a couple of goals, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due – Bakary Sako should be given a new contract!

I am someone who has been more than a little critical over the inept performances Sako has been putting in during the past 2½ seasons with the club but I think we need to learn from our mistakes as a football club and give him a new contract.

Some of the, quite frankly, insane people who are raving about Sako have either only just started supporting the club or are complete imbeciles. A player should not be judged over the course of 3 or 4 good games, or indeed, 3 or 4 poor games. A player needs to string a run of performances together over 15 or so games to show consistency and be thought of as a good or bad player.

If Sako scoring 3 league goals shows how good a player he is then the opposite must be true of Christian Benteke.

Learning from the past

I am also someone who thought Fraizer Campbell was somewhat limited as a striker, however, I admired him the qualities in him that we need sometimes. Namely that he ran like a blue-arsed fly and always put in a shift for the team.

Sure, he wasn’t a prolific finisher by any stretch of the imagination but he was someone who could come off the bench and inject some energy into the attack and cause the opposition defence some problems. And let us not forget that he has one full cap for England. But then, who hasn’t?

Most Palace fans were happy to see the back of Campbell when he was released by the club in May 2017. Those fans thought, wrongly, that we’d be replacing him with a better striker. We all know how that ended, don’t we?

I’m not speaking with the benefit of hindsight, I wasn’t so happy to see him leave. I knew that we simply didn’t have the funds to afford anyone decent and that we’d somehow manage to cock up the process of signing a new striker.

We did that and then some.

Sign him up now!

So, Sako’s contract expires in the summer, as do the contracts of a few other players and do we have the funds to replace Sako if he were to walk away from the club? In short, the answer is no, we don’t.

We’ve all said it before and it’s never truer than now, we need to rebuild the team to correct the mistakes of the past. We’re still basically living with the mistakes made during Pulis’s reign.

Roy Hodgson has said the squad needs extensive rebuilding in the summer and Steve Parish has said we’re not going to overspend in this window or in the summer. What does that mean? I read that to mean we’re going to spend the bare minimum on players rather than getting the players we need.

This is something we’ve done year after year. We can all see we need more depth. Roy says we need maybe 7 players in this window alone but I think we’ll be lucky to get 3, maybe 4 at a push. Are we heading towards another manager leaving because he’s unhappy with the transfer policy?

This makes it even more important that we offer Sako a new contract now because it’s a case of better the devil you know!

For good or for bad we know who we have. Sako knows the club and wouldn’t need time to bed in, move home and get to know his team mates. Sako would be a good 4th choice striker after Benteke, Wickham and whoever we’ll sign this window.

We shouldn’t repeat the mistake we made with Fraizer Campbell and risk losing a player unless we have one on the way in.

Free transfers

It’s January and any player whose contract expires in the summer is allowed to start talking to clubs. It would be nice to think that Freedman and Parish are getting their act together and trying to jump ahead of some other clubs by getting a couple of pre-contract deals done.

Of course, players 21 or under can’t transfer for free, their fees would be decided by a tribunal if the clubs can’t come to an agreement but they always rip off the lower league sides. Remember the Bostock robbery?

I think we should be trying to fill our boots, or rather the development squad’s boots and sign some players who are up and coming. Not now in January but certainly in the summer.

Whatever the case there are plenty of deals to be done but I expect we’ll be linked to the same failures we always get linked to and that we’ll sign Niasse from Everton.

The manager may change but when Parish is one of the main people deciding what players we sign we’ll be linked with the same people year after year until we get them and find out they are as awful as they seem.

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