Are Palace’s New Shirts The Best Designs We Ever Had?

The 2018/19 shirts are almost perfect


Crystal Palace have revealed the shirts that the team will wear for the 2018/19 season, but do I think they a hit or miss?

Disclaimer: In all my years supporting Palace we have not had a shirt that I would class as being a perfect 10! There is always something, however minor, that I dislike with the design.

For example, the ‘Lombardo’ Adidas striped kit had a white collar which I didn’t like too much. Other than that it would have been a near perfect top.

For reference: My favourite striped kit was the 1984 Adidas ‘Red Rose’ shirt and my favourite ‘sash’ kit is the 1979 Admiral kit. Both shirts would have got a 9.5 out of 10 if I were rating them today.

How would I rate the new shirts?

Home shirt – 9 out of 10

In my opinion, the home shirt is almost perfect!

I accept the faded design isn’t for everyone but it’s something that I like. Back in February I made a few ‘fantasy’ Puma designs and one of them was a faded striped top, albeit the fade was in reverse.

I like the fact that the top is predominantly blue, which is how the red/blue striped kit was when it was originally introduced in the 70s. The predominantly red striped kit that was introduced in the late 80s isn’t traditional and was came about because then manager Steve Coppell requested it. At the time Coppell said “teams that play in red give the impression that there are more players on the pitch than there are. Like Liverpool and Manchester United.”

I know a lot of fans don’t like the yellow detailing that has featured on striped kits since CPFC 2010 took over but that is something I can live with. To be honest I prefer yellow detailing to it being white.

In all honestly, I’d prefer the detailing to be blue but as I said before, you’ll never get a perfect shirt.

Away shirt – 8 out of 10

Who doesn’t love the sash kit? I do and it was with a heavy heart that I had to mark this top down for a couple of things that I consider to be design flaws.

The first design flaw is the blue detailing on the sleeves should be white. Having the detailing blue makes the top too busy with colours.

The second design flaw is the red stripe that runs the length of the shoulder, it’s too distracting and looks like, well, a red stripe!

I know what the intention was, it was to replicate the Admiral top we had from 1978-1980. However, the Admiral shirt featured a red stripe broken up by blue Admiral logos.

In my opinion, the red stripe should have had blue pumas ‘stacked’ along the red stripe or, as with my ‘fantasy’ sash kit in February, a simple white sleeve would have been better. It would have been less busy with the sash taking centre stage.

Overall rating –  7 out of 10

These two shirts are by far the best shirt combinations that have been forced upon given to the fans since CPFC 2010 took over the club and I genuinely congratulate Steve Parish and the team on striking a deal with Puma and getting two very good designs for the team.

For the first time in many a year I would happily buy and wear the home and away shirts.

So why did I give the overall score a 7 out of 10? Because of that bloody awful shirt sponsor that’s across the front of of the shirt! To be honest, I would have given it less than 7 because the sponsor is not only ugly but it is for a company that exists in an industry I vehemently dislike!

I’m sorry to say, because of the shirt sponsor I will not be buying either shirt! If we the option to buy a shirt without the sponsor or if we had a different company then I honestly would be buying both shirts straight away!

I totally object to paying a shade under £50 for the pleasure of advertising a betting company. It would be completely different had the company been one I like or respect. Hell, I’d be happy if we could choose a charity logo instead.

In my opinion these two shirts are ruined by a terrible sponsor with an embarrassing name. It’s akin to an architect designing a beautiful house only for Katie Price to come along and paint it pink.

Goodbye Macron, hello Puma!

As some of you may know,t I have a friend who works at the Puma Nordic HQ here in Helsingborg. What I have been unable to say is that last summer he told me that Puma were talking to Palace about the possibility of them becoming the kit supplier when the Macron deal expires this summer.

During Christmas my friend told me that he’d heard that the ‘Palace thing’ was a ‘done deal’ but asked me not to reveal anything about it.

Helsingborg isn’t a very big place and it doesn’t take much to link me to my friend at Puma Nordic. Naturally any deal has confidentiality clauses and a leak is a leak. Do you remember how annoyed Steve Parish was last year when this season’s kit was leaked the day before the Player of the Year function?

Why am I saying this now? Because the ‘cat is out of the bag’ and nothing was leaked ahead of the presentation.

In March this year I met my friend for lunch and he showed me a couple of ‘artists impressions’ of the new kit which were slightly different from the finished designs but were in essence the same. He said the deal between Puma and Palace was ‘no big secret’ any more but it was up to the club to announce the deal.

What can we expect from Puma?

Puma supply the kit for Helsingborg IF for a number of years so I have seen up close the quality of the shirts and merchandise that they produce for the club. While Helsingborg’s kit is made by Puma Nordic and Palace’s will be by a different arm, I think Palace fans will be happy with the quality of merchandise.

As you probably know, finding a tracksuit or training shirts by a well known sports manufacturers in the shops and the quality that get supplied to football teams can be, more often than not, two very different things!

If the tie up between Puma and Helsingborg is anything to go by then this has the potential to be the best kit deal that Crystal Palace has ever had, even better than my beloved Adidas range.

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