No Ifs Or Buts This Time – Ban Them!

Last week's incident was ambiguous, not so this week!


Last week at the Emirates Stadium a banana skin was thrown at the Arsenal players after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the opening goal.

While last week I felt the media outrage could have been a ‘rush to judgement’ that the incident was racially motivated this week there can be no doubt. Even Stevie Wonder could lip read the scum Chelsea supporter behind the goal in the Shed End.

Zero Tolerance

I received one or two message last week from people who thought I was making excuses for racist behaviour or giving someone a ‘get out’ excuse when acting in a racist way, this was despite making it clear I had no tolerance for racism in football or in life.

In this incident there can be no ambiguity. No other interpretation. No explanation. No misunderstanding. It was racist abuse and the supporter(s) should be punished not only by being banned from football but also criminally in a court of law.

There is no excuse for this type of behaviour. Just because you pay money and enter a football stadium that does not give anyone the right to break the law and step over the line.

It is one thing to have ‘banter’ with a player to try and wind him up but it is another to abuse him in that manner.

A Leopard Doesn’t Change It’s Spots

We all know the supporters of Chelsea have a poor reputation when it comes to racism and it seems while they have had success on the field their supporters are just as scummy as they have ever been.

You can buy success though it seems you can’t buy classy supporters.

You can read my post about the incident at the Emirates Stadium here.

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