Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Fans Need A Reality Check

Some Palace fans are suffering from delusions of Wan-Bissaka's grandeur


We Palace fans need a reality check when it comes to how much we think Aaron Wan-Bissaka is worth! The whole Palace community has gone stark raving mad and each time I think transfer fees can’t go any crazier than they have something else happens to show me it can.

It’s okay, I get it. We’re Palace fans and we have biased opinions about our club and delusions of grandeur when it comes to our better players, particularly one who graduate from the academy.

But seriously, do you really think Aaron Wan-Bissaka is worth over £60m? Really?

Should Palace sell AWB?

In my opinion, no. I think AWB should stay with the club at least one more season, possibly two then move on. I would say AWB is worth more to us as a player than he is as a financial asset. This is due to his background story, how he came into the team and how he has thrived over the last 14 months.

What do I think his value is? Seriously? I’d put it at £20m with another £10m in add ons.

AWB has played 42 league games and can be viewed as a one season wonder. The second season is always the hardest as players would have worked him out.

I have to be even handed about my opinion and use the same metric that I used for other players who have come to prominence over the last 3 or 4 seasons.


When Harry Kane started his first season for Spurs where he scored 21 goals I said ‘so what, come back and see me when he has done it for 3 seasons!’ which he subsequently did. Fair play to him.

Marcus Rashford had a great first season, got into the England squad and I said the exact same thing. I said a new player needs 3 years to show he is a flash in the pan.

Dele signed for Spurs and came from nowhere then suddenly he was our next big midfield talent. Once again I said come back in 3 years and to be fair he has gone off the boil a little.

My point is in each of those 3 examples nobody said they were worth £60m after their first season which included England appearances in the senior team for all 3 players.

Even in Kane’s case where he scored 21 goals in 34 appearances and got in the England team people were saying he could be worth £50m if he could replicate his form over the next 2 years.

What has made AWB’s fee so high?

I can only think it is about age and with that how much potential he has. We are talking about the same money that Walker went from Spurs to Man City for. Walker a much more experienced Premier League player who had played many times for his country. The two should cancel each other out, age v more experience.

Deja vu

Apparently AWB wants to make the move to Manchester United tough he has not handed in a formal request. This strikes me of Julian Gray, Wayne Routledge and so on who moved on and didn’t fulfil their potential.

I don’t think that will happen in this case, AWB will go on to have a great career but the risk is there especially if he gets injured.

He is still learning and while learning he can have a shit game for Palace and nobody will care too much. That won’t wash at Old Trafford.

A Palace legend

Some complete idiots are spouting that liberal left wing rubbish about how AWB is a Palace hero and a legend. If he leaves he should get a heroes welcome when he come back. What fucking world are these people on? He’s played one season and if he leaves because of him wanting to go then it will leave a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t boo him but I certainly wouldn’t clap him either.

I could forgive Wilf because he’s given us 5 good seasons after coming back from Manchester United so if he wanted to move on then fair enough. I’d have no qualms.

If the rumour that AWB has said he wants to leave the club, after 1 season, it smacks me as a classless move. Furthermore I’d question his ambition in wanting to sign for Manchester United who won’t be challenging for much over the next 4 years.

AWB would be better off waiting to see if a bigger club comes in for him like Manchester City.

England path blocked

Most journalists think Alexander-Arnold will be the England right back for years to come. AWB won’t stand a chance if he stays at Palace but even if he moves A-A is in place and it is AWB’s job to try and oust the Liverpool man.

A-A for me has skills AWB doesn’t possess at the moment, such as crossing the ball, taking corners and the like. It’s the difference between the country’s two leading right back starlets.

I think AWB will get frustrated and decide to play for DR Congo instead, which will wipe some value off when/if it happens.


To wrap this up, I wouldn’t sell AWB but we seem to need the money in order to buy players. Some fans think he is worth £100m and they will be in for a massive shock! Even Wilfried Zaha isn’t worth £100m but he is closer to it and there is a chance we could achieve that figure.

People saying Virgil van Dyke cost Liverpool £70m and he was 5 years older than AWB but they neglect to see VvD had won titles in Holland, Scotland, had a few seasons in England and was an established Holland International. Hardly like for like in comparison.

My hope is whatever money we get it should go straight into new signings but we know it won’t.

We should view AWB as a lottery win or finding out we had a valuable antique in the back room who we didn’t count on being of much value but turns out to be a massive asset.

Whatever the case, let us hope common sense prevails.

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